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Making Sport Happen

Like all our clients, we are committed to making things happen in sport – whether creating new opportunities or developing new facilities.

While we all share this commitment, the processes that need to be followed to make this happen are often not as straight forward as we would like. To deliver quality facilities and opportunities we have to deal with a wide range of issues, agencies and agendas that are complex, often conflicting and always time consuming.

For example…

  • funding bids may need to be prepared – often these may be to multiple funders for the same project. Funding bodies may have different agendas and timescales, they may require different outcomes and outputs all for the same project;
  • planning permission is invariably required – and depending on the nature of the facility proposed, securing consent can often be a complex process which needs a high level of technical skill, consultation with the local community, and liaison with local authority officers and other agencies;
  • community consultation is a common theme of many projects – whether sports clubs and groups, local residents, schools or other partners in the delivery of sport. Seldom is any project self-contained, nor can it be delivered without the contribution of one or more partners.

To make all these things happen at the right time, in the right order and with the right outcome needs an investment of time and knowledge that goes beyond the experience of most organisations, be they local authorities, schools, or clubs whose prime focus lies elsewhere.

We believe the key strengths of our practice lie in the knowledge that we have all the relevant resources and expertise that projects need. We are especially proud of…

  • our knowledge;
  • our experience;
  • our technical skills;
  • our understanding of organisations and systems; and
  • our passion for and commitment to sport.

Above all we have the resourcefulness and tenacity to make sure that the opportunities and facilities needed to deliver a quality sporting experience actually do happen.